What About that Candace Cameron Bure?

I don't typically watch Dancing with the Stars (unless you count the occasional clip on Facebook or late night TV). And although I was a fan of Full House back in the day, my two younger sisters were the DJ Tanner fans. I watched it for Uncle Jesse. 🙂 But lately my FB feed has been abuzz with all things Candace Cameron Bure and DWTS. So I had to check it out.


When I first learned that Candace was going to be on DWTS, I was a tad disappointed, I admit. DWTS seems to be where old celebrities go to prove they can still get their sexy on. Instead, it typically ends up a train wreck of sorts. I like Candace, and I didn't want to see that happen to her.

I haven't actually seen the show this season, but from what I've read and the clips I've seen of her performances, I'd say Candace is causing anything but a train wreck!

I'm sure there's all sorts of controversy somewhere over her choice, as a professing Christian, to be on the show in the first place. (I haven't heard any, but I know how we Christians are, so I'm sure there's some talk somewhere.) No matter what you think of her decision to do the show, here's what I see that she's doing amazingly, incredibly right.

1. She's taking a stand.
Candace has been very vocal from the beginning about her beliefs and how that will make her different from the typical contestant. She's made statements like, "I'm a Christian, my life revolves around my relationship with Jesus Christ...I'm not going to take a backseat, my voice will definitely be heard."

America is getting to see someone in the spotlight who is willing to put feet to her faith. She's not worried about offending anyone or not getting the votes. She's saying, "This is who I am. This is what I believe. Period."

2. She's being a role model.
The truth is, there aren't many women in Hollywood who are willing to put their career on the line and say, "I'm not going to do this or that because it goes against what I believe." That is exactly what Candace Cameron Bure is doing...she's showing girls everywhere (in Hollywood and in Smalltown USA) they don't have to compromise their morals to be taken seriously, even vetoing partner Mark Ballas's plan to dance shirtless. I love that  Bure confidently said, "I've been married 18 years. I am a sexual woman, but I reserve some things for my husband."

3. She's not sacrificing art or talent.
I'm sure there are those who will take exception to her costuming choices, but it's hard to dance the rumba in a parka, and a lot of the artistic impression would be lost if she came out in a frumpy pair of sweats. Bure dances with passion and with heart. And I think she is doing a fantastic job of showcasing her talent as a performer (and newfound talent as a dancer) while refusing to compromise her commitment to modesty.

3. She's influencing people.
Yes, millions of people are watching her on national TV. And so are her fellow contestants. These are her people, her circles, her stomping grounds. In the first episode, she joked with Danica McKellar about having dated the same guy "back in the day." These people are watching her, wondering if she's the real deal. And she's happy to show them that what a Christian woman with values looks like.

So, I say, "You go, Candace!" Use your beautiful talent and passion for performing to showcase your greatest passion...your relationship with Christ. We're all watching you, Candace. And we're cheering you all the way!

If you missed Candace's performance this week, watch it here.


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6 thoughts on “What About that Candace Cameron Bure?

  1. I stopped watching DWTS 2 seasons ago when it became so rauncy that I was embarrassed for all of them! I see your points for Candace taking a stand for her faith, but I still don't believe she should be on the show. The dance in the link is a provocative and sexy dance and there were moves she should have "reserved for her husband"!
    AnnMarie recently posted...Dumpster Diving (it's the little things that count!)My Profile

    1. Post author

      AnnMarie, thank you so much for your comment on Candace and DWTS. I can see your point; personally, I would be uncomfortable dancing that way with anyone in public (even my husband). But I can also see where a performer who grew up in Hollywood (as Candace did) might see it differently. Also, I wonder (from some of her comments on the show) if she might have regretted choosing that particular dance (not sure whose choice it actually was). Not trying to convince anyone one way or the other...just trying to give some food for thought. Thanks for stopping by...always love to see your comments here!

  2. Steph

    I am sorry but I too disagree. Dancing that way with a man who is not your husband is not Christ honoring. Maybe if her husband was her dance partner but I do not see anything edifying about what she is doing, especially in the name of Christianity.

    1. Post author

      Steph, PLEASE do not apologize for disagreeing with me! I welcome respectful, open dialogue from different viewpoints and perspectives. Thanks for joining in!

  3. This post was at the beginning of the season. At that point I was with you. It seems as the season progressed, the modesty line shifted. Love to hear your thoughts about her performance on 5/12. In the taped package she spoke about dancing for an audience of One - God yet her second dance 'Nasty' was performed to that character such that one of the judges commended her stepping into the 'darkside'. She protested 'I like the light' but looked conflicted. Your thoughts.

    1. Post author

      Cathy, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply. Spring has sprung and life got crazy around here. I admit, I have not followed Candace or the show through the rest of the season. Thank you for asking...I'll go back and watch the one you mentioned and update the post soon. ~Nancy


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