How to Keep Everyone Happy This Summer (Without Losing Your Mind)

Yes, that’s a pretty tall order; one I probably can’t deliver on. But I believe you can have a happy and productive summer while maintaining a level of sanity.


Summer lends itself to lazy days and a carefree spirit, but I’ve learned that too much laziness sends everyone spiraling into a meltdown by about 3:00 p.m.  And while summertime means more free time and fun, it also means an opportunity to do things we can’t during the busyness of the school year.

Here’s how I plan to tackle such a tall order:

1. Routine

It will be much more relaxed and move at a slower pace, but there will be a routine. We won’t wake up at the same time everyday, or be forced to rush out the door (except for the week of VBS). And there will be days we stay in our PJs until dinnertime (mom included!). But those days will be the exception, not the rule. We’ll enjoy plenty of movies (especially during those pop-up summer thunderstorms), but screen time will have its limits. Our days will have a rhythm, but it will be more like a “smooth jazz” groove with a lot of improvisation, not the driving “marching band” beat that drives us through the school year.

2. Responsibilities

Yes, summer is a great time to kick back and relax, but unfortunately, the laundry, cleaning, shopping, and cooking don’t take a summer break! Now that everyone is home all day, every day, there are more hands to pitch in and help. That way, Mom can enjoy some summertime fun, too! So in addition to their regular responsibilities (taking care of themselves and their space) each child will choose 1 job to do each day. (These are jobs they get paid for in addition to their regular chores. I explain our job/chore system in more detail here.)

3. Resources

The phrase, “I’m bored” is not allowed in our house, because we believe that a creative person should never be bored. And since kids have endless imaginations, they are some of the most creative people in the world! Still, even they need a little inspiration from time to time.

If you’ve been on Pinterest more than 5 minutes, I’m sure you’ve seen ideas for this Bored Board or these Boredom Jars. Ours have been used every day so far this week!

4. Research

My kids LOVE to learn, and I want to keep that going through the summer. We’ve wrapped up our first homeschool year, but that doesn’t mean the learning stops. Summer is the perfect time for fun, educational activities (and they’ll never know they’re learning!). Here are some ways we do that:

  • Library reading program
  • Special arts & crafts projects
  • Trips to museums, zoos, and nature parks
  • Keep a “science” journal about our garden (what they observe, how it grows, etc.)
  • Focus on character traits we want to develop
  • Reading books as a family
  • Taking swimming lessons (that counts as education and exercise!)
  • Cooking projects (reading recipes, life skills, and math!)
  • We’ll also continue music lessons and a few sports activities through the summer

5. Rest

Summer is a time to relax and refresh, and we’ll do that with lazy mornings and long afternoons at the pool. But we’ll also take some time every day to intentionally “power down” and recharge. Now that we are a nap-free home (at least the kids are, anyway!), the days can get long and the house can grow small when everyone is home all day. So, I’m borrowing an idea from our church camp and instituting a “feet off the floor” time every afternoon. Everyone will spends an hour (or so, depending on what’s going on that day) in his or her own room doing something calm and quiet (reading a book, playing legos, doing puzzles, listening to an audiobook, etc.). No screens allowed.

This is how we plan to find a balance between fun and slothfulness this summer. There will still be plenty of lazy mornings where we sleep in (which we’ve already done a couple times this week!) and lots of time playing with friends, eating ice cream, and swimming! But when August rolls around, I want to look back at these weeks with a sense of satisfaction, knowing we made the most of every opportunity.

What does your summer routine look like?

Need more ideas for an intentionally fun summer? Check out How to Survive Summer with Your Kids!  or follow my Summer Fun board on Pinterest!


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