Introducing Madi Walker {Friends on Friday}

If you’re new here, Friends on Friday is where I feature one of my fabulous real-life
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Friends on Friday

I am so excited for you all to meet today’s Friends on Friday guest. You may not be familiar with the name, Madi Walker, but in our house she’s kind of a rock star.

We first met “Miss Madi” (as she’s known around here) a couple of years ago when she was teaching Little Miss’s class at church. Little Miss adored Miss Madi, and as a young college student, she seemed to be the perfect choice for a babysitter. Was. She. Ever.

She’s the type of person who….

  • Shows up to babysit with bags full of craft and gingerbread-house-making supplies.
  • Always stops to hug your kids at church no matter how busy she is
  • Sings to a frightened little girl at camp until the girl finally falls asleep (then writes a song about it)
  • Sponsors a girl through Compassion International , even as a struggling college student herself
  • Writes and records not one, but two albums before she’s 22.

Did I mention she has a fantastic voice and a passion for singing about all God has done for her and others? So when Little Miss declares she wants to “sing like Miss Madi” someday, I think to myself, “Yes! Go for it!”

My kids love Miss Madi because her smile is contagious and she’s just so much fun to be around. I love Madi because she is exactly the type of person (on stage and off) I want my kids to look up to.  I know you’ll love Madi because she is incredibly gifted as a person and a musician.

Ladies and gentlemen, Madi Walker….

Little Miss and her hero, “Miss Madi”

I’m Madi. I am 21 years old- soon to be 22! My birthday is six days away, so if anyone has an all expense paid trip to the beach laying around, you know… 🙂 Speaking of the beach, I LOVE THE BEACH! It’s my favorite place in the world.

Other facts about me: I work in the Elementary Department at my church. I have an identical twin sister, and I love chai lattes with extra foam. My favorite color is blue-any shade. Also- I’m madly in love with Jesus…and single. 😉

Madi’s Latest Project: Names (released August 1, 2013)

Madi’s second album, Names, just released yesterday.

Names was inspired by everyday life. I am a pretty laid back person, and I was just thinking one day about why I want to sing. Really, it’s the small (or big) every day moments that inspire me. My friends and family have so many stories and I wanted to write songs that would speak to them, but also relate to the rest of the world.

It’s crazy how much humanity has in common- grief, hope, love, fun, life… So Names is a collection of story songs. The name of each person who inspired a song is printed beside the song title. It’s been a super fun project, and I love seeing the way the Lord is using it in people’s lives.

Order it now at OR on iTunes!!

{The song “His Grace” makes me cry…every. time. That song along is worth the price of the entire album! ~Nancy}

Madi’s Heart for Compassion (and a Girl named Edna)

Edna is a girl I’ve been able to sponsor over the last three years through Compassion, International. Recently, I got to go to Tanzania and meet her and her infant daughter. It was seriously the coolest thing I’ve ever done! It was so awesome to see her and her home and her baby- all these things she had written me about.

As amazing as it was, it was a heartbreaking experience because I had to leave her there. I know Edna has hopes and dreams for her life, but it is sad to know that she is still fighting poverty every day. Life for a single mom is not easy anywhere, but it’s especially hard, and even dangerous, in Africa.

When Edna graduates the Compassion program (within the year), I am allowed to give her a gift of up to $2000, which would help her finish her education and get a good job. Her dream is to be a radio broadcaster; if she can get her degree, she already has a job offer in that field!

So I am selling T-shirts to raise money for her graduation present. Check them out on  my website!

Madi’s Music
My ultimate hope is that through my music and my life people will find Christ. He is my purpose and my passion!! I also want people to be encouraged- to know they are loved and beautiful and worth it. Also I love to make people laugh and remember the simple joy of life! {Love that! See why she’s a rock star? ~Nancy}


A Few of Her Favorite Things
1) Family! I have four sisters and wonderful parents. I love being around them, talking about them, and…well, being around them! I can’t get enough!!

2) The ocean. I love pictures of it, songs about it- I love the way it smells and tastes and looks. I can just get lost watching waves come and go. I am a huge surf documentary fan, too 🙂

3) Music! Really- almost any kind (not a huge fan of scream-o haha). I like concerts that are just acoustics and not too loud. I love finding and listening to new music.

4) Traveling!! I would go across the country or the world- doesn’t matter where! My favorite places I’ve been are Ethiopia and Nicaragua. I absolutely feel at home there.

5) Kids-all ages and sizes. Kids are honest and to the point. I love their compliments and criticisms. And I love that they call me Miss Madi 🙂

Want to learn more about Madi, or contact her? Here’s how…

Visit her web site: (Buy her album…and a couple T-shirts..and join the mailing list while you’re there!)

Follow her on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

Or go “old school” and send her an e-mail at

Just in case you can’t wait to click over and hear Madi’s music, here’s a little treat for you… (If you’re reading this in e-mail, click here to view the video.)

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