Where Has 2016 Gone?

This year seems to be coming to a close a little too quickly. You may have noticed there hasn’t been a lot of activity on the blog this year. Then again, maybe your year has been like mine…so busy you haven’t noticed!

Thankfully, my 2016 has been filled with health, homeschooling, and the many adventures that come with day-to-day family life. I’m so glad to be truly living daily life again. But I’m also looking forward to doing more writing in 2017.

Time is valuable these days. So I want to make the most of ours–my writing time and your reading time. And so I need your help…

I want to hear what you enjoy reading about here. So I’ve created a short survey. Seriously, it’s only 8 questions. And it will take just a few minutes to complete. Will you take a few minutes to help me learn what you find most valuable at There Is Grace?

Scroll down or click here to take the brief survey.

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