Gratitude for a Great Nation

I came across this quote last week while reading:

Chesterson 1.2How appropriate as we (in the United States) prepare to celebrate the anniversary of our freedom, our Independence Day.

In today’s political culture, there’s much dissention, disagreement, and disappointment. With so many voices and opinions, it’s safe to assume even like-minded individuals won’t agree on everything related to politics, the current administration, or recent legislation. However, I bet we can agree that..

We live in one of the greatest nations on Earth,
Men and women have fought bravely and sacrificed much to give us that privilege,
Their families have sometimes sacrificed more,
We are honored and blessed to live in a country where we can disagree with each other and with the government,
We have it pretty good in comparison to most countries in the world.

So as I take a cue from Mr. Chesterton and pause this week to spend time with my family and reflect on the freedoms we enjoy, it will be a little quiet around here. But never fear, I’ll be back next week.

In the meantime, here are a few of the freedoms we have for which I am thankful:

  • Freedom to worship my God whenever and however I choose
  • Freedom to speak my mind and voice my opinions (in both spoken and written word)
  • Freedom to protect my family and my property
  • Freedom from instant and assumed guilt
  • Freedom to help, and be helped by, my neighbor
  • Freedom to speak Truth without consequence of life.

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