A Bad Case of the “Gimmies”

In their book, The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies,  Stan and Jan Berenstain’s beloved Brother and Sister Bear get a bad case of the “galloping, greedy gimmies.”gimmies_

“Maybe it was because there were treats, toys, and fun things to do wherever they looked–at the mall, at the supermarket, on TV, and just about every which-where.”

I can totally relate to that. I can also relate to Mama Bear’s annoyance and Papa Bear’s outrage when the cubs pitch a fit in the middle of the store. Haven’t we all been there?

We’ve been known to have the occasional case of the gimmies around here. Yes, I’d notice the symptoms anywhere…that glassy-eyed look of awe, the inability to recognize the word “no,” and the nasally, whiney tone that infiltrates the vocal chords. Oh, you’ve encountered them, too? So, how does one treat a case of the gimmies?

“Selfish, greedy cubs can never be happy because you just can’t have everything you want all the time.” ~Papa Bear Berenstain

I’m so privileged to be with my friend Christin over at Joyful Mothering  today. I’m sharing with her readers how we have come to combat the gimmies in our house.

Won’t you come on over and visit us there?

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11 thoughts on “A Bad Case of the “Gimmies”

  1. Great post! We also do the give-save-spend method with our children. It has definitely helped with the “gimmies”. Now the problem seems to be them pestering to go to the store so they can spend their money…haha

  2. We have this book! We are huge fans of the Berenstain Bears!!! I have just found your blog and I’m enjoying your posts on being a fun mommy! I have such a hard time with this. I am usually too busy doing the ‘list’ to actually stop and have fun and then when I make a deliberate effort to do something fun, I feel like I’m such a dud and the kids are really just bored with my ‘fun idea’. I used to be a fun adventurous person and now I’m not. I really needed these ideas! Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Beth! I’m so glad you have stopped by and are following the Fun Mommy series! I promise, it will be back soon with even more ideas. So glad to have you at There Is Grace!

  3. Oh yes, my grandkids and I know the “gimmies” well – the real thing AND the cute Berenstein Bears book. Thanks for a fun reminder of an “old friend” to read. 🙂 Have a blessed and beautiful Easter.

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