Unshakable coverBuy UnshakableWhen a cancer diagnosis rocked her faith to the core, Nancy Backues found herself fighting an even greater battle than her illness. She began fighting for her faith.

In Unshakable: Finding Faith to Weather the Storm, Nancy shares openly about her struggle with fear and doubt and addresses the tough questions many of us ask in the midst of difficult circumstances. Questions like

  • Is God really good?
  • Does God really love me?
  • Is God big enough for my situation?
  • Is God even aware of what I’m going through?
  • How can any good come from my situation?

As Nancy’s story unfolds, she wrestles with these difficult questions, answers them with overwhelming evidence of God’s love and faithfulness, and takes readers on a journey to find faith that is unshakable.




Author Photo 200 x 200Nancy doesn’t just share her story, she offers Biblical examples and truth that will help and inspire you in your own storm. If you’re presently walking through a difficult storm in life, Unshakable is a book you will love! It’s one I know I will read again and again. Read it yourself… and become Unshakable.
~ Rosann Cunningham, author, UnEmployed Faith

kristianneNancy’s candid and vibrant book challenges us with, “Is God Really Good” and “Does God Really Love me”? With each chapter, intimately connect with God through His word, worship and prayer. We weren’t designed to walk this life alone so invite your friends and small group to be part of an unshakable community!
~Kristianne Stewart, founder, Compassion That Compels

kristenfeolaAnyone who argues the Bible isn’t relevant for today needs to read Unshakable! It addresses the tough questions many of us have asked and answers those questions with overwhelming evidence of God’s love and faithfulness, even in the most devastating circumstances.
Thank you, Nancy, for sharing your story and for reminding us that God’s promises are always true.
~Kristen Feola , author, Spiritually Strong and
The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast


In Unshakable, Nancy will invite you to focus on the Lord instead of on yourself and your overwhelming circumstances and motivate you to face life with others in deep, meaningful, biblical community. Having walked through the hardship of cancer with many in our congregation, I found it to be practical and encouraging.
If you’re a caregiver to someone  in need, you will find helpful insights to strengthen and encourage you as you
carry the burdens of others.
~David Kennard, pastor
Riverside Community Church, Oakmont, PA

Debbie colorNancy’s story and her faith will not only encourage your heart, it will cause you to look toward heaven and give you courage to face any stormy situation with confidence
and courage.

~Debbie Lindell, lead pastor
James River Church


heathergilion2It’s refreshing when you come across a book that shares what it looks like to wrestle with God and yet still cling to Him as a fearful child clings to her daddy. Unshakable is not a book that brings God into our story; it beautifully displays how God brings us into His. I’m thankful that Nancy was willing to share her honest discoveries in her darkest hours.
~Heather Gilion, co-author, Dancing On My Ashes


darcywileyNancy weaves her story with those of well-known sufferers in the Bible, from Job to Elijah to the disciples of Jesus, and shows what it looks like when our hypotheticals become reality and our beliefs are put to the test. Nancy shows that it’s possible to feel completely shaken by a difficult circumstance and
yet to come through it to find a faith that is unshakable…
because of the God who is unshakable.
~Darcy Wiley, blogger, Message In A Mason Jar

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About Nancy: Nancy Backues is an author, speaker, wife, mother, and two-time cancer overcomer. She lives in Missouri where she relies on God’s grace and good coffee to live out authentic faith in the midst of a mostly messy life. Read more of her story here.

2 thoughts on “Unshakable

  1. Nancy I just ordered your book, I’m eager to read your story hoping that it will offer me comfort as well as restore my faith, as I have recently started the battle of cancer at the age of 43, I also live in Missouri where I was raised by Rose B. Backues and Ronny Ralph Backues, I’m starting to question if we aren’t related, our stories are to close to compare , as well as our name, and residency, It seems I no longer have either parent in my life anymore to ask such questions to , either way I hope and pray that you are now in good health, and found all the answers you questioned going threw your battle, I can only hope and pray I will do the same, May God Bless you and your family forever and then some, and if by some chance we are related and this just isn’t some weird coincidence, It would explain alot! Although since you are married I guess the relation would be with your husband ? Either way I feel God was the one who lead me your direction, or my mother with Gods help !

    1. Shawna,

      I am so sorry you are facing this battle. I have some info on my husband’s family history and am curious to know if there is a link there! I pray you are enjoying the book and that, more importantly, God is using it to strengthen you and your faith at this time. Blessings, Nancy

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