Grandma’s Wisdom

For as long as I can remember, there has been a piece of paper held to the front of my grandma’s fridge by a magnet.

On this simple piece of notebook paper, scrawled in my grandma’s handwriting, are two simple statements of great wisdom. I’ve read these statements many times over the years (usually as I snuck “just one more” bite of homemade cookie dough.)

When I was younger, I didn’t give much thought to the words. Now that I’m a Mom, these simple statements have taken on new meaning. I don’t know where they come from…if Grandma read them or heard them somewhere, or if God just dropped them into her heart one day. Because that’s the sort of thing He does for my grandma.

I have watched her live these words for decades. And if I can remember these truths and learn to live them out, too, then maybe I can give my kids the love my grandma has so freely given for so long.

I don’t know who (besides my grandma) to credit these great truths, but I pray they will encourage you:

Grandma's Wisdom {printable}...true then, truer now |

Grandma's Wisdom {two printables} |

Go ahead…print them out. I bet they’d look nice on your fridge.


26 thoughts on “Grandma’s Wisdom

  1. Just needed this today. Off to crazy love on some sweet little people.

    Beyond delighted to meet you.

    I hope you don’t mind if I splash around to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to dip into some serious goodness.

    You splashed me with encouragement today. I would be honored if you would splash other mommas as well with this post or another fave. We gather for momma notes. I jot some on Mondays, but it’s a link up whenever you can kind of link up. Just moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a melody.

  2. Very good words of wisdom.

    I did receive the books I won yesterday. Thank you!!


  3. Those are great reminders of what’s most important when raising our children. If one of my girls throws a tantrum, I find that if I give her a hug, I’ll get a better response from her than if I’m stern with her. Sometimes, that’s all she needs.

  4. These are great reminders! I should put these on my fridge for encouragement, and a gentle nudge to remember what is important! Your G-ma is a wise woman!

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