40: My Blessed Life

Today is the day: I made it to my fourth decade.

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Looking back, I have realized how incredibly blessed I am. I would love to share with you just a few (40, to be exact) of the many blessings in my life:

  1. The Creator of the universe loves me and has a great plan for me.
  2. I get to do life with my best friend.
  3. We will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary next month.
  4. I have an amazing daughter who is kind, thoughtful, and so very creative!
  5. I have a wonderful son who is sweet and energetic and keeps me laughing!
  6. My parents are now 40+ years in love and a great example of a godly marriage.
  7. I have my dad’s love for books and knowledge.
  8. I have my mom’s love for people and chocolate.
  9. My sisters are two of my dearest friends (and are the only ones who truly understand how “unique” our family is!)
  10. My two brothers-in-law (on my side) cherish my sisters and respect our parents.
  11. My father- and mother-in-law are are also 40+ years in love.
  12. I have been “thoroughly adopted” into my husband’s family…parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins…etc. It’s like I have an entire “second” family!
  13. I have a very close (somewhat crazy) extended family whom I am blessed to see regularly.
  14. I have three adorable nieces and three amazing nephews.
  15. I was able to witness my nephew’s miraculous journey of healing.
  16. I still keep in touch with a lifelong family friend who consistently encourages me across the miles (and whose blog name I “borrowed” for this post…thanks, Lora! :))
  17. I have an incredibly supportive group of friends.
  18. We are blessed to go to a church where we are fed truth, challenged to grow, and enjoy community like nowhere else!
  19. We have the best small group in the northern hemisphere (I really don’t know much about the southern hemisphere…they might be the best there, too).
  20. The same loyal, somewhat-spoiled dog has slept next to my bed every night for the last 11 years.
  21. We live in a fantastic, family-centered community!
  22. Our kids go to good schools where its evident the staff and administration care deeply about the students.
  23. I am privileged to do what I love: 1) stay home to raise my kids and 2) write.
  24. God has been faithful in the good times and the difficult times.
  25. I have survived cancer.
  26. God has given us our dream home.
  27. At age 40, I weigh 30 lbs less than I did at age 20 (yes, it’s true!)
  28. At age 20, I could barely run .5 mile; two weeks ago I completed my third 5K!
  29. I have two strong legs on which to run.
  30. I have been privileged to meet, serve under, and be influenced by some amazing people.
  31. I have had the privilege of serving and leading some pretty incredible kids who have grown into such impressive adults. (You know who you are, Reality Drama!)
  32. I have co-authored a book.
  33. I have had the opportunity to travel to 35 states and 4 other countries.
  34. I have been to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  35. I have hiked a mountain in Alaska.
  36. I have a college degree.
  37. It’s almost my absolute favorite time of year…FALL!
  38. I can read…and read…and read…and read…
  39. I am living exactly where I want to be, doing exactly what I want to do at this season in my life.
  40. The next 10 years are looking pretty exciting!

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