When The Battle Chooses You

The age-old advice to “choose your battles” is a great rule of thumb for relationships–friendships, parenting, even marriage. But, in life, sometimes you don’t have a choice. Sometimes the battle chooses you. In my case, that battle is cancer.


At first, of course, I was shocked…devastated. I cried…a lot. I prayed…a lot. I hugged my husband and my kids…a lot. Then I had a revelation: I may not have chosen this battle, but I could choose how I fight it. I could wallow in self-pity and depression, dragging down all of those around me.
Or I could lift my head, put my chin up and face this battle head-on. I decided
I was going to do the latter. That meant making some difficult changes and
learning some tough lessons along the way…

Read the rest of this post over at Your Thriving Family where I’m sharing how I am Making the Most of Cancer.



7 thoughts on “When The Battle Chooses You

  1. Brilliant, Godly attitude young lady. Tighten up that armour and keep on keeping on. God has plenty of work for you to do yet. Rest in between battles, though, so you restore your strength. Blessings and joy…one step at a time.

  2. Very good update. It is a battle for sure though. My mom had cancer and was cancer free when something else attacked her body a couple years later. It is not an easy road.

    GOD BLESS!!!

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