Cinnamon Bun Scones

It appears winter has dug its heals in and is refusing to give way to spring. One perk I’ve discovered from the lingering cold is my tendency to crave homemade baked goods (and therefore actually make them!).

I made these yummy Cinnamon Bun Scones last weekend, and they were devoured! If the weather remains cold and dreary I might find myself whipping up another batch soon.

The recipe is from my friend Lindsay who I introduced to you last week. (I have made some adjustments for our food allergy considerations.)

Why don’t you whip some up real quick? You know you want to. Go ahead put some coffee on, too. Then while you nibble and sip, head on over to Lindsay’s blog to say thanks!

Cinnamon Bun Scones {with allergy-friendly options} |

Cinnamon Bun Scones

2 cups all-purpose flour*
1 cup quick or old fashioned oats 
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
8 tablespoons butter, chilled and cut into pieces
3/4 cup milk**
1 egg, lightly beaten***
1 teaspoon vanilla

3/4 cup powdered sugar
3 teaspoons milk**

Heat oven to 425F. Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray.

In a large bowl, combine flour, oats, sugar, cinnamon, baking powder and salt; mix well.

Cut in butter with pastry blender or two knives until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.

In small bowl, combine milk, egg and vanilla; blend well.

Add to dry ingredients all at once; stir with fork or rubber spatula
until dry ingredients are moistened.

Pat into a circle and cut into 12 triangles, or
drop dough by 1/4 cupfuls, 2 inches apart on cookie sheet.

Bake 11 to 13 minutes, or until golden brown.
Remove to wire rack; cool 5 minutes.

In small bowl, combine powdered sugar and milk for the
desired consistency; mix until smooth.
Drizzle over top of warm scones

Makes 12 scones

Notes and Food Allergy Tips:
*I used 1 cup all-purpose flour and 1 cup whole wheat flour. Wheat allergy sufferers, see this site for gluten-free, all-purpose flour replacement.
**Milk allergy: replace with equal amount soy, rice, or almond milk. (I’ve heard you can also replace with fruit juice, but haven’t tried it.)
***Egg allergy: I used Ener-G Egg Replacer instead of egg. For more egg substitution ideas, go here.


14 thoughts on “Cinnamon Bun Scones

  1. Oh dear… this is soooo not what I needed to see (being stuck at work & hungry)! I’ve never tried my hand at scones, so I may need to give it a go sometime soon.

  2. I’m going to try these Nancy!! I could make them and you could taste test them this weekend! Looking forward to seeing my favorite sister in law!

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