7 Reasons You Need to Attend the Designed for Life Conference

There’s nothing quite like a girls’ weekend, am I right ladies? We all love our families, but there’s something about being with people who don’t need you to cut their meat or sign another permission slip. And it’s all the better when those people are some of your dearest girlfriends…girls who share similar interests and with whom you can just be you… not mom, not homemaker, not chief cook and bottle washer…just a girl in cute shoes and a carefree smile.

I had the chance to do just that a couple of weeks ago. I spent three days with a few girlfriends (over 7,000 girlfriends, to be exact) at the Designed for Life Conference. It was an amazing time of worship, laughter, fun treats, and challenging messages. If you’ve never experienced a dynamic women’s conference, here’s why you should consider coming to Designed for Life next year:

7 Reasons You need to attend the Designed for Life conference | thereisgrace.com

Girl time: I promise you won’t have to wipe anyone’s nose or watch any Nick Jr. You can spend your whole time talking about frivolous things like shoes and handbags or dive into the deep end and discuss the deeper meanings of life.

The Boutique: Seriously, I’m not even a hard-core shopper, and I love the boutique! So much fun stuff…and you can shop as long as you want without having to take someone to the bathroom!

Fun Surprises: Pre-service games and giveaways to special gifts and parting treats. You’ll be thrilled and treasured all at the same time. If gifts is your love language, do NOT miss this conference!

Special thanks to my friends for letting me hijack their cute pic! 😉

Connection: Whether you come with a group or by yourself, you’ll find unexpected friendships born and established friendships grow deeper. If you end up coming alone, don’t worry, there’s The Meeting Place where you can connect with other girls. Who knows, you might just make a lifelong friend!

Amazing worship: From the first note, worship at DFL is full-on. There’s no “building up to the final session.” The DFL worship team comes to worship from the get-go. If you’re not ready to jump in at first, don’t worry, you will be soon!

Challenging speakers: Chris Caine, Priscilla Shirer, Charlotte Gambill…these are the powerhouse women who brought God’s Word to the conference this year. They are world-renown, quality teachers of the Word. And they did not disappoint. Check out the speakers for next year’s conference…you don’t want to miss it.

God moments: There’s something about getting away from the normal routine of life and setting aside time to focus on God and all that He has for you. Yes, God speaks to us in our everyday moments, but I believe it’s in those moments we truly set aside for Him that He can do even greater things in us. That’s what DFL is all about.

Each session this year felt like the message was specifically targeted to me, personally, and my situation. And I talked to so many other girls who felt the same way. Only God could do that, and that’s ultimately what makes DFL a conference worth coming to…God shows up and meets you where you are.

I realize a big conference isn’t everyone’s “thing.” If that’s you, I understand. But I want to encourage you to not let your personal preference keep you from all that God has for you. You will be a better woman, wife, mother, employee, and friend when you go back home. Because no one can encounter God for three days straight and not leave changed.

DFL Recap – 2015 Promo from James River Church on Vimeo.

Check out what’s in store for DFL 2015.

Alright, DFL sisters…these were only 7 reasons. What are your favorite reasons for coming to DFL? What was your favorite DFL memory? Let me hear from you!


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  1. I LOVED the brochures you sent me about this year’s conf, but there was just no way to make it. I am really going to try to plan a trip to next year’s for our church ladies though. I think it would be awesome!

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