Friends on Friday: Rosann Cunningham

Recently, I was thinking of the many fantastic women I am privileged to know. I began wishing everyone knew them and had a chance to hear what they are doing. So, I had this idea for Friends on Friday. Once or twice a month, I will feature a friend who is doing something incredible to impact her little corner of the world (and sometimes far beyond her little corner).

These are women I admire who make me want to be a better woman, wife, mother, sister, neighbor, and friend. They give of themselves, their time, and their money to invest in others and do amazing things.

Today I’d like you to meet my friend Rosann at ChristianSupermom. I met Rosann a few months ago through an online writing group. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure we’d be friends at first. I mean, being friends with a “Supermom” seemed like a lot of pressure.

But the more I watched Rosann encourage the other women (myself included), my respect and admiration for her grew. You can’t encounter Rosann and not be encouraged by her warm, sweet spirit. Once I learned her story, I realized if anyone had a reason to be discouraged, it was probably Rosann. And here she was spreading sunshine everywhere to encourage the rest of us.

I realized she’s just like the rest of us, striving to be the best she can in all areas of life…her faith, her family, and her ministry. Well, why don’t I just let her tell you all about it.

Friends on Friday

Thanks for having me, Nancy!

Author Photo 200 x 200My name is Rosann Cunningham. My husband and I have been married for 11 years. We have three daughters – Lauren (my step-daughter) is 24, living in CA. Faith is 8, and Abby is 4.

Our home life is centered on our love for God and each other, but we are definitely not a perfect family. In our estrogen-dominant house, it’s a rare day when my husband doesn’t have to talk one of us drama-filled girls down off the ledge. In fact, I’m certain he could have been a hostage negotiator! He’s so mellow-tempered with a calm voice of reason. God definitely equipped him for life with us!

When the drama’s at rest, we are easily found snuggled up together watching movies, going for walks around the neighborhood, having dance parties and giggle fests, or (funny) all sitting in the same room with iPads or iPod Touches in our hands.

Christian Supermom
Don’t let the name of my blog scare you off. I’m a Christian mom and wife, yes. And I’m on a journey to become SuperMom for God’s glory. I truly want to be a great mom and wife! I know many people think SuperMom ideals are unrealistic. I disagree.

In Proverbs 31, there’s a description of The Wife of Noble Character. I refer to her as a biblical SuperMom, because she does it all, and with so much heart! I believe God made this passage a part of His word for a reason. Not to discourage us by pointing out our failures, but to inspire each of us to reflect the wholesome, hard-working, God-fearing characteristics of the Proverbs 31 woman in our own journey of womanhood.

At I share about motherhood, marriage, life and faith in hopes of building community and friendships, where together we can each discover our own inner SuperMom and be the women God created us to be. I pray we’ll be better today than we were yesterday, and that we’re always hope-filled and inspired to do God’s kingdom work with joy and for His glory.

Rosann’s new project, Refuel Your Inner Supermom
In September 2012, my father-in-law passed away suddenly. Added to a decade of major trials and hardships for our family, it left me in an emotionally paralyzed state. I felt burned out and lacked focus. I let my homemaking responsibilities slide and lost passion for pretty much everything, including writing and my online ministry.

After hearing about a 31-day writing challenge in the blogosphere I decided to force myself into the challenge knowing how therapeutic and healing writing has always been for me. It worked! The idea behind this book was born. For 31 days I showed up at my computer and wrote on a different motherhood, marriage or homemaking topic, and God used those words to minister to me in the process.

What I hope women get from this book is that life is messy and hard. We have seasons that are absolutely awesome and we have seasons that are take-your-breath-away debilitating.

God doesn’t want us to wallow in misery during those tough times. He wants us to seek Him and grow!

He wants to help us bring good from the bad, but to do that we have to be willing to lift our heads, get out of bed, take a shower, hug our children and our husbands, and engage in life. One day at a time. One step at a time.

Refuel Your Inner SuperMom 3D eBook cover 250x250Refuel Your Inner SuperMom takes moms on a journey to getting their SuperMom groove back by getting organized, focused, and smiling again. Loving their children and husband well. Glorifying God. And building their legacy.

Not Just Supermom: Unemployed Faith
I have a huge heart for families facing unemployment. I stumbled unknowingly into leading a ministry when my husband had an unexpected season of unemployment. But I’m confident it was a part of God’s plan for me all along.

UnEmployed Faith started as a book, written out of pure obedience to God, after I had been contacted by blog readers experiencing unemployment in their homes. These women all had the same question for me: How do you cope with your husband being out of work for so long? They felt alone, weary, judged, conflicted, angry, resentful and bitter. I completely understood the emotions of being married to an unemployed man, because I felt them in my own situation. I was heartbroken thinking of all the marriages struggling because of our failing economy.

So what started as a book has grown into an encouragement blog and a private community group in Facebook where women with out-of-work husbands can come together in online prayer and fellowship. It’s not a place for husband bashing. It’s a safe place to release the emotion, so they can then continue to encourage their husbands, lift them up, cheer them on in their job search and build a stronger marriage through their hardship.

A Few of Her Favorite Things:
Outside of family and God, I would have to say (not necessarily in this order):

1. Dark chocolate or Peanut Butter. Even better – the two combined!

2. Running. Give me a pair of Asics and an iPod with Christian worship music and I’m loving life! The further the distance, the better.

3. My Nikon D60. It used to be my husband’s camera, but the moment I learned how to use it, I developed a major passion for photography, and I always have the camera with me now.

4. All things Apple. My iPhone, iPad Mini, Mac Mini and my iPod.

5. Gardening. I love getting my hands in the dirt and watching seeds grow and turn into food. God’s creation just keeps me in awe!

Want to know more about Rosann?
Visit her at or and connect with her on Facebook.

Refuel Your Inner SuperMom and UnEmployed Faith are both available for sale on Amazon Kindle.

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    1. I’m so happy to be able to shine a “spotlight” on Rosann! I haven’t known her for long, but I already know we are kindred spirits! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet note, Barbie!

  1. Nancy, thank you SO much for having me here. What a blessing it has been to be able to work with you on this interview. I’m very glad we met and I’ve been able to become friends with you and follow your fantastic writing! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for introducing me to Rosann this week, Nancy! It’s great to meet another like-minded mom who blogs and shares about her Christian walk.

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