Fun & Creative Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day

I cannot believe Valentine’s Day is in two days! Each year I have grand goals of creating memories in the days leading up to February 14 by making crafts, homemade cards, and fresh-from-the-oven yumminess, and of course doing it all while talking to my kids about love and giving to others.

Then before I know it, it’s February 13, and I’m running to the store for boxed Valentines then staying up way too late to label them and attach ridiculously-small stickers so they are ready to be delivered the next day. When will I learn?!

In case you’re a last-minute mom like me, here are some fun ideas I’ve found around the blogosphere. If there’s no time left this year…well, that’s what Pinterest is for, isn’t it?

For the Kids Share-The-Love20 Acts of Kindness Printable (love this idea…fun and character-building!
Definitely Pinning this one!)

55-page coloring page packet (free download)

 Super Easy Valentine’s Rose craft

From the Kids
Melted-Crayon-ValentineMelted Crayon Valentine (I so wanted to do these this year,
but never got around to actually doing them…maybe next year)

25+ Candy-Free Valentine’s (such great ideas!)

Fingerprint Photo Frame (so cute, and so easy….great idea for a grandparents’ gift!)

 For Your Valentine

Soda Pop Valentine from herecomesthesunblog7Soda Pop Valentine

Duty-Free Coupon Book

French Fry Cookie Valentine (so creative!)

valentines-dat-treat1 Valentine’s Treat: Milk & Cookies (so simple!)

42 Valentine’s Day Desserts (yummm!)

 Marshmallow Pops (these are adorable!)

How about you…are you a Valentine-crafting guru or a last-minute mom like me?

Whether you’re cutting and pasting tiny, homemade hearts or making a midnight run for pre-printed cards, be sure to treasure those you love in the coming days!


3 thoughts on “Fun & Creative Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day

  1. See, this is why we are soul sisters. Just tonight at dinner I said, “so, kids, we need to talk about Valentines…” because we have not even started anything. And I have wall to wall obligations tomorrow. But I’m scared to send husband to the store for valentines supplies. Meh.

  2. Oh, I am SO behind on V-day this year, too!! I feel the panic rising already:/ I’m trying not to make too big of a deal of it in my mind though…ha

    We have made those crayon hearts before and they are SO cute. I wanted to make them again this year for the kids at church, but the flu hit. Oh well, maybe next year, right?

    I love that fingerprint picture frame idea~too cute! I wonder if it’s too late to make that for the grandparents??? 🙂

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