Tweet, Tweet!

Guess who’s on Twitter now…yep, li’l ol’ me!

twitter-bird-white-on-blueSome of you are probably thinking, it’s about time! While others may be thinking, What in the world for?!

Let me just say, until recently I fell into the latter category. I mean, I understood the concept of “tweeting,” I just wasn’t really sure why I should do it (which is exactly how I felt about Facebook and blogging at one point, and now look where we are!) Then I came across a couple of articles that inspired me.

For those of you familiar with Michael Hyatt you know what fantastic business and leadership resources he makes available on his blog. I came upon two of his posts about his Twitter experience. In one, he explained the benefits of Twitter, and in the other was a simple step-by-step guide to getting started. That was enough to convince me to dip my toes in the water.

So if you’re on Twitter, I’d love to “tweet” with you. You can follow me through the link in my sidebar.

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