Fun Mommy: The Fort Nap {a link-up}


We made it to the last week of the Fun Mommy challenge. I have to be honest, some times it was harder than I expected. OK, a lot of times it was harder than I expected.

Who would have thought a simple idea like “having fun” would be difficult to implement. But when you throw in hectic schedules, tantrums and whining (sometimes from the children, sometimes from me), laundry, fixing meals, cleaning up messes, correcting attitudes, mediating arguments, and all the other day-to-day stuff that goes with mommyhood “fun” can often fall to the bottom of the list.

Sometimes it falls off the list completely.

That’s exactly where I found myself this week. Still recovering from our Spring Break trip, my Little Man was having some difficulty with his attitude (which, in turn, was affecting Mommy’s patience). So after lunch one day I announced in my most I-have-made-up-my-mind-about-it voice, “We’re going to take a nap!”

Little Man’s face fell in disappointment briefly before he obviously hatched a fantastic plan. He looked up at me eagerly, “Can I sleep in the fort?”

You see, Daddy had built a massive, bigger-than-any-we’ve-ever-made-before fort in the basement because (1) he has been working a lot lately and had a rare 25 minutes to spend with the kids, and (2) Daddy is always fun. So there was the fort. Not only was it taking up half of my basement, but it now stood between me and naptime.

I instantly thought of 37 reasons to not take a nap in the fort…You probably won’t go to sleep. It’s cold in the basement. We’d have to bring all the pillows and blankets downstairs…..etc., etc., etc.

Then I looked down at his big, pleading eyes and realized our napping days are numbered. Suddenly I couldn’t think of one good reason to not take a nap in the fort. We collected pillows and blankets, climbed into the fort, and snuggled him up all comfy and cozy.

fort napa

Two hours later I had a happy, well-rested Little Man on my hands and I had learned that sometimes being a Fun Mommy isn’t about creating a moment as it is allowing a moment.

fort nap 2a

Now it’s your turn…link up your posts about anything fun you did with your kids this week. And if you’re just getting the hang of it, don’t worry…Fun Mommy isn’t gone forever. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more Fun Mommy again soon! 😉

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5 thoughts on “Fun Mommy: The Fort Nap {a link-up}

  1. One of the fun family moments we allow is what we call “bunny nests.” The children and usually Daddy (because I am still nursing a little one) all pile into a nest of blankets and sleep together once in a while. The children just love it, and I am hopeful that it is something they will fondly remember for many years to come. Your nap in the fort sounds like a wonderful idea, too.

  2. Isn’t it great when kids can come up with solutions to solve dilemmas for both of us? So happy that he was able to nap in the fort & get a good rest. Crankiness, be gone!

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