Fun Mommy: On the Fly {link-up}

Last week was a crazy one. Not just typical crazy either. It was “I-don’t-know-if-I’m-coming-or-going” kind of crazy.

Every commitment I have (at church, school, family, etc.) all converged last week into one frantic frenzy of a schedule. As the week wore on (and I wore down) the thought of coming up with a “Fun Mommy” moment began to really stress me out. I didn’t need one more thing to try to plan, schedule, or arrange.

By Friday afternoon, I was done; I had no energy left to become Fun Mommy.

After picking up Little Miss from school, I was still struggling to come up with some sort of Fun Mommy idea. Then, I had an epiphany: It was officially the start of Spring Break, and that called for a celebration!

Without explanation, I instructed both kids to close their eyes as I high-tailed it to the closest treat-bearing drive-thru. When they opened their eyes and saw those beautiful golden arches gleaming down at them, the van erupted in cheers. It was official; I had achieved Fun Mommy status.

FMM Collage

And do you know what? That small, impromptu moment of fun changed my whole afternoon. I stopped worrying about how I could plan to be a Fun Mommy and I just decided to be one…right then and there. The kids decided to ride bikes when we got home, and since I was already in Fun Mommy mode, guess what I did? Yep, I rode right along with them!

Motherhood is hard. No one will argue with that. Of course, it’s rewarding, too. But a lot of the time it’s just really hard.  Being a Fun Mommy isn’t about putting more work on yourself to create a Pinterest-worthy art project or bake award-winning cupcakes. It’s about seizing the moment and living in it with your kids.

Your Fun Mommy challenge for this week is to do something entirely unplanned. Find an impromptu moment and seize it. Claim it as your Fun Mommy badge of honor. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Stop for ice cream while you’re out running errands
  • Play a game of tag in the yard
  • Turn on music and have a 20-minute dance party
  • Start a pillow fight before bedtime
  • “Kidnap” your kids and head to the park (don’t tell them where you’re going)


Now it’s your turn…We’re putting the fun back in mommyhood in the month of March. So link up your fantastic Fun Mommy moments.

    • Create a moment of fun and fully engage with your kiddos. It can be centered around an activity, but it’s less about the activity itself and more about being in the moment and enjoying your kiddos.
    • Write about your experience. This is where you can share about the activity itself (a recipe or craft idea) or a lesson learned in the process. Be sure to grab the button to use on your post!
    • Link up on Mondays in March and share your ideas and experiences! Don’t forget to visit other Fun Mommies who also link up (who knows, you might just be inspired for the next week!)

4 thoughts on “Fun Mommy: On the Fly {link-up}

  1. I finally got my post up today!! So sorry it’s this late:)

    I haven’t been feeling very “fun” at all lately, but after recounting the week overall we had some very good highlights. For some reason, it was all of the rough moments that were standing out in my mind. I’m relieved to know it wasn’t all rough:)

    1. No worries! Thanks for linking up! It’s kind of nice to have a reason to stop and create fun, isn’t it?

      I’m going to be posting the links on my FB page tomorrow. I’ll let you know when yours is up!

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