Fun Mommy: Road Trip! {and a link-up}

What do you get when you combine two crazy-cute kids, Spring Break, Herbie the Love Bug, and a Fun Mommy?….

roadtripROAD TRIP!!!!

Yes, last week was our spring break, so this Fun Mommy loaded up the two kiddos, popped Herbie into the DVD player, kissed my up-to-his-eyeballs-in-work Hubby goodbye and hit the road to visit my grandma.


Before you’re too impressed (or intimidated by my over-achieving Fun Momminess), I should add that we only went 2 1/2 hours away, but it still counts!

The weather was GORGEOUS, so I was able to grab some additional Fun Mommy moments, thanks to the park only a couple blocks from my grandma’s house. Here are a few highlights:


There was much swinging…


A little slide surfing…


And a whole lot of exploring.


I even snuck away for a couple hours to meet up for lunch with Lori at Everyday Truth. We had a terrific time talking about family, blogging, and hockey (yes, hockey). If you haven’t visited her site, you need to. So many wonderful nuggets there.


No trip to my grandma’s is complete without her homemade chocolate pudding, and she came through once again…YUM! We made it home again safe and sound, and the kids are sufficiently worn out…just in time to go back to school today! Yeah!

Time with family, time with friends, and homemade chocolate goodness…that, my friends, makes for one FUN MOMMY! 🙂

FunMommy250Now it’s your turn…Link up your fantastic Fun Mommy moments below (for more details on the link-up, go here). Or, leave a comment and let me know what fun moments you shared with your kids this week! Big or little…every moment counts!

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8 thoughts on “Fun Mommy: Road Trip! {and a link-up}

  1. I’m FINALLY getting here (via the BAHM’s group) to participate in this linky, after planning to all month! Thanks so much for the encouragement to put some fun into our momming. 😀 It’s been a needed push here!

  2. Looks like you all had a great time! I’m so grateful that living here in Costa Rica, we can visit so many different places within 2.5 hours drive. It’ll be really fun once my baby’s a wee bit bigger, to take her to visit volcanoes & forests & such. Way to go for braving the car ride! Glad you joined us this week at the Mommy-Brain Mixer, Nancy!

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