Is It Easter Already?

It’s the second day of Spring, and we’re hunkering down for a possible 6+ inches of snow later today. This has my kids a little confused. Last night Little Miss kept repeating, “So today is the first day of Spring, and we might have a snow day tomorrow?”

Bless her heart, it’s a little hard to comprehend. This is Missouri, not Massachusetts! By mid-March we’re usually gearing up for capris, flip-flops, and Easter dresses.

Oh yeah…Easter. That’s next week. YIKES!

In case you’re not feeling all that Easter-y just yet, you’re in luck. My friend Fawn at Instead of the Dishes has asked me to stop in and talk about how we celebrate Easter at our house. So today I’m sharing some of our traditions as well as some new ideas I’ve found to try this year.


Won’t you “hop” on over (sorry, I couldn’t resist) to see how we celebrate Easter with these two crazy kids? 🙂  Click here to continue.

One thought on “Is It Easter Already?

  1. Excited to check out the post link. I was a little lazy with celebrating this year, but we did manage Jesus death/resurrection YouTube videos and plenty of Bible story reading. Thanks so much for linking up with me last week!

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