The Veggie Book (review & giveaway)

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Until recently, my veggie repertoire consisted of canned green beans and frozen corn. If I was feeling especially fancy, I’d throw some corn cobs on the grill, or chop up a salad. (Yes, be jealous of my culinary skills.) I knew veggies are good for me and my family, but I didn’t know how to select or prepare them so that they were anything but tolerable. Now, I’m happy to say, I’ve introduced my family to new foods, including veggies, and to my surprise, even my one anti-veggie child has started eating them…he actually asked for salad the other night. I’d say that’s a victory!

I didn’t do it alone, however. Our recent journey into healthier eating has not only opened my eyes to new foods (and ways to prepare them), it’s also led me to many new resources. One of those resources is The Veggie Book. This is more than just a cookbook. It’s like having your own personal Veggie Coach (who doesn’t need one of those, right?).


Here’s what I love about this book:

It’s simple. I’m still adjusting to this new way of shopping and eating, and it can honestly become overwhelming at times. The Veggie Book is chocked full of veggies I am familiar with…whether it’s new ways to prepare old favorites or highlighting veggies I’ve heard of, but never been brave enough to buy or prepare. No dandelion greens or gai lan here. Chances are you’ve heard of every single vegetable in this book. You’ve probably seen them time and again in the produce section of your grocery store. And, if you’re like me, you’ve thought Hmmm, I should get that, but I have no idea what to do with it! That excuse will no longer fly, my friend!

It’s thorough. The Veggie Book is a collaboration of three author-moms who tested the 52+ recipes on their own husbands and kids. In addition to the tried-and-true recipes, The Veggie Book gives you information on each vegetable’s nutrition (because how many of us really know why we should eat more asparagus?!), how to select good produce (can I hear an “amen”?!) plus tips for washing, storing, and preparing it. They also include tips for making stock, seasoning your dishes, and which veggies are important to purchase organic.

It’s affordable. A new adventure in eating healthy is expensive enough…with all the new foods, testing new recipes, and initial moves to whole, healthier foods. I know the payoff is worth it, but I think anyone would agree the first steps can seem overwhelming mentally and financially. Moms, at only $9.95, it’s a great deal for a priceless weapon in your culinary arsenal. (Seriously, I made the Buttered Cabbage for dinner last night, and my husband had seconds…seconds on cabbage!)

In case you’re still not convinced, the authors of The Veggie Book have offered to give one of you, my dear readers, a copy of their book! See details below to enter:

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I received a  free copy of  The Veggie Book for my honest review.
As always, opinions  stated are 100% mine.

Happy Eating!

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5 thoughts on “The Veggie Book (review & giveaway)

  1. My favorite veggie? There are so many of them! And, it changes from week to week. Right now, I’m loving raw jicama. I like the sweet crunch of it. Very satisfying for a quick snack!

  2. I am not the biggest fan of veggies. I guess grilled corn would be my favorite. I do like salad.

  3. I love to make cabbage this way: I clean and cut up my cabbage and leave it in a bowl with some water. In a big pot, I fry some slices of kielbasa (spell??) and when it is cooked, I grab handfulls of the wet cabbage and put it in the pot. (the water in the pot sort of steams the cabbage. Then I add some salt and pepper and stir it up. I cover it and cook on medium/low until tender. It is delicious.

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