The Time I Got an Electric Griddle for Mother’s Day…And Loved It!

Early Mother’s Day morning two PJ-clad kids were all a-twitter with excitement. I sat at the table with my eyes closed, as instructed. I could hear giggles and squeals and the pitter-patter of I-can’t-stand-still excitement. When I finally opened my eyes, there sat a gift so big it took up almost half of the dining room table.

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I should have been excited, but mostly I was puzzled.

After 10 years of marriage, I have learned the cardinal rule of spousal gift-giving: Tell him exactly what you want. Don’t drop hints. Don’t leave clues. Be specific. Give him make and model, product ID number, size, color, pictures, sales associate’s name, direct links online…the more details the better.

A few weeks earlier I had e-mailed him a list (with links and pictures) of five or six options for Mother’s Day gifts. (I still want to be surprised after all!) As I stared at the large gift in front of me, I mentally ran down the list: none of them required a box this large.

The kids couldn’t contain themselves any longer. “Can we help you open it?!?!?” they squealed. We tore into the beautifully-wrapped package to reveal a top of the line, state-of-the-art electric griddle.

I was speechless.

The kids weren’t. “Will you make pancakes?” they chimed. I had recently said I wanted an electric griddle…for the specific purpose of making pancakes. But not on Mother’s Day.

I looked at my husband. He seemed pretty proud of himself. I was floored. Flabbergasted. Dumb. Founded.

He should know better. I realize not every red-blooded male sees the problem with this scenario, but I knew my husband did. At least he should. We had discussed this…at length. With friends. Among ourselves. Before we dated. While we dated. After we were married. It had almost become a running joke: You don’t buy appliances for gifts. Ever.

He. Should. Know. Better! Nothing about me has ever suggested I want a kitchen appliance for any gift-giving occasion. Books, yes. Gift cards, great. Chocolate, absolutely. Appliances, never. Some ladies are fine with it. I am not. Remember, the list?! My husband has always been a great gift-giver, so this was very much not like him.

I could hold my family off no longer. “Open it up!” they cheered, obviously giddy at the idea of pancakes. Four little hands helped me tear open the box.

There it was, in all its glory. A griddle. But wait, there was something else…two beautiful, handmade cards from my children, a heartfelt card from my husband (that may have made me cry), a CD I wanted (yes, from the list), and a gift card for a piece of custom jewelry (from the top of the list, mind you!). Told you he’s good. 😉

I suddenly realized why my husband had seemed so proud of himself…he got me. We had a good laugh, and I was reminded once again what an amazing man I married.

He gets me. Even more than the gifts on my list, my husband knew I would love a little creativity and big practical joke to top it all off. That wouldn’t fly with every woman. But I loved it. And he knew I would.

He loves our family. Sure, the griddle made for a good joke, but Saturday morning pancakes are a tradition in our family. It’s time cherished with our kids. His not-really-for-Mother’s-Day gift reinforced to me how special those times are for him…and for me.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day, especially when I heard my husband emphatically state, “Mom is not making pancakes on Mother’s Day!”

What’s the most surprising gift you’ve ever received?

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24 thoughts on “The Time I Got an Electric Griddle for Mother’s Day…And Loved It!

    1. We got an Oster…I’m sure Hubs could tell you the model # :). It has a removable “griddle” part that goes in the dishwasher….LOVE that!

  1. Wow! What a great mother’s day morning! How thoughtful your husband is. My hubby is not thoughtful in this way or romantic at all…over the years I’ve really had to learn to figure out how he shows his love in other ways (maybe more traditional male ways?)

    But, this is great. How awesome that your hubby did all that for you 🙂

  2. Oh Nancy, that’s awesome! Your husband and my husband would get along well. We’ve also had those “no appliance for a gift” discussions but I could totally see him doing what your hubby did. As I was reading, all I kept thinking was “No, it’s Mother’s Day…no making her cook that day!” I’m so glad your husband made that very clear. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your post. At least your husband knew better than to just get you an appliance. The funniest gift my husband ever gave me was a space heater for my birthday, which is in May. I wasn’t too happy about it, then but it came in handy when winter time came. He had heard me say I was cold when working at my desk, so he thought that would be a good gift.
    Deborah H. Bateman – Author

    1. Ha, Deborah! Isn’t it funny the things they sometimes think are “good gifts.” But once you understand their thinking, it’s really so sweet. He just wanted you to be warm!! What a great guy you have taking care of you! 🙂

  4. A memorable mother’s day to be sure. And such memories made! At least it wasn’t a headlight. Really. So glad you kept your composure and recovered quickly, and what a great guy you have there! Thanks for the smiles today.
    (visiting from ChristianMommyBloggers)

  5. What a great story! I love it. Your husband is a sweetheart for sure and he’s learned well. I remember the time my hubby bought me a popcorn popper for my birthday, and he was the only one who ate popcorn! : )
    But he does really well now that we’ve been married 42 years.
    Thanks for joining T.G.I.F.
    I’m a new follower on Pinterest, FB, and twitter.

  6. Too cute! Love the, “Spousal gift-giving: Tell him exactly what you want. Don’t drop hints. Don’t leave clues. Be specific” part. The most surprising gift, let’s see… Oh yes, I know! Cotton pajamas. My hubby and I were always pretty far a part in what he saw as sexy on me at night and what I was comfortable wearing. I’m a simple gal so to much lace or frilly things just confused me (not to mention, he’s going to take it right off anyhow :)). One year, for no particular reason, he came home with a box from Victoria’s Secret. I opened it and what was inside. Two pairs of cotton PJs that he also found sexy! Yes!! The best of both worlds.

  7. What a sweet hubby and he sure DID get you, lol! What’s funny is that I WAS making pancakes for dinner tonight and having trouble with my electric griddle and I told hubby that I needed a new one, lol!

    I once worked with a gal whose husband gave her a lawnmower for her birthday. HER birthday, not his and she had never mowed the lawn as that was his job.

    Most surprising gift, I have no idea. But I was thrilled to have my husband and kids give me two necklaces that I had been really wanting and dropping hints about!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the “Making Your Home Sing Monday” linky party today! 🙂

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