1,000 Gifts: Naming Them

This is the time of the year when things come to life. Spring is in the air. The weather warms up; people, plants, and animals come out of hibernation. I don’t know about you, but at our house, that means schedules can get a little crazy.

It seemed like a good time…between Easter and the end of school…to gain some perspective. To drink in the moment. To stop and count some gifts.

“In naming that which is right before me, that which I’d otherwise miss, the invisible becomes visible.”
–Ann Voskamp, 1000 Gifts


61. Easter

62. a risen Savior

63. excitement on small faces

64. warm, snuggly PJs for chilly spring nights

65. drying off a wet dog who wants in from the rain

66. an entire day to focus on those I love


67. my son’s laugh

68. the love of a child

69. my so-grown up 5-year-old still reaching up
and saying “uppie”

70. soft music and candlelight

71. my mother-in-law’s bean soup

72. a few minutes of peace and quiet

73. my treadmill

74. two strong legs on which to run


75. pausing to color with a child

76. friends who challenge me in faith

77. The Word

78. someone who loves me even when it’s
(i.e., when I’m) difficult

79. early-morning quiet

80. clean laundry, folded and put away

81. lists 🙂

82. finding long-forgotten, but not-too-old
chocolate in my purse

83. special Saturday morning breakfast

84. family movie night

85. a long drive in the country, with nowhere in particular to go

86. slow cookers

87. the love and loyalty of a dog

88. tucking my kids in

89. the last flutter of eyes before sleep

90. everyone well and healthy

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12 thoughts on “1,000 Gifts: Naming Them

  1. What a wonderful list! I agree that there are certain times when taking the time to actually come up with a list of gratitude fits, and Easter is surely one of them! If only I could be disciplined to keep mine up regularly…

  2. Hi Nancy! Isn’t it eye/soul opening to list those simple gifts? Thanks for sharing your gift of writing and a portion of your 1,000 gifts. I too, have joined in that blessing.
    from another Nancy

  3. Thanks for linking these wonderful gifts. I am trying to find others who post their gifts. Many blessings today

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