“Gringo” Chicken Tacos in 3 Easy Steps

I love Mexican food, and I assumed everyone else did as well. What’s not to love, right? Salty, savory, a little spicy if you like that sort of thing.

Then I married my dear Hubby. He enjoys Mexican food, but he doesn’t crave it like I do. He doesn’t get nearly as excited about our favorite Mexican restaurant as I do, either. But I cut him some slack. He didn’t eat a lot of Mexican food growing up, so I figured it somehow messed with his appreciation for fine Spanish cuisine.

Then one day he innocently said to me, “Mexican food is comfort food for you.”


Suddenly it all came rushing back…decades-worth of memories of our family gathered around a taco-laden table. I’m not just talking Mom, Dad, and kids…I mean extended family. I don’t think there’s ever been a family gathering at my grandma’s house that did not include her famous tacos. If Thanksgiving dinner was on Thursday, we were eating tacos Wednesday night. That’s just how it was.

I don’t know why it was that way…my family is not Hispanic. There’s no Mexican or Spanish ancestry that I’m aware of, but we sure love our tacos!

My husband has come a long way in his taco appreciation, but he can get a little burned out on them. (I’m still not sure how one gets tired of tacos, but apparently it happens!) So, I’ve been finding ways to switch it up a little and still get my south-of-the-border fix.

I’ve also been looking for ways to “lighten” up our fiesta (so I feel less guilty about eating it so often!). Chicken tacos are, of course, the best option for a “lighter” take on the taco. But cooking the chicken was always so much more work than simply browning some beef, and who needs more work at dinner time?

Then a friend let me in on a little secret….chicken in the slow cooker! OK, it may seem pretty obvious to you, but it was a deal-changer for me! I mean just imagine…you could put the chicken in the slow cooker in the morning before work (or after you get the kids on the bus) and most of the work is already done by dinner time! Genius!

So, now my favorite go-to taco meal…”Gringo” Chicken Tacos in 3 easy steps!

“Gringo” Chicken Tacos

Step 1: Chicken Place 4-6 chicken breast in your slow cooker and sprinkle with your favorite taco seasoning. Cook on low approximately 6-7 hours until juices run clear. Shred chicken breasts with two forks. Add more taco season if needed.


Step 2: Add some crunch. Slice 1 onion and 1 green pepper (you could also include red or yellow pepper for extra flavor and a splash of color). Heat olive oil in a skillet and toss in the peppers and onions. Sprinkle with about 1 tsp taco season. Cook until tender.


Step 3: Assemble. Combine with your favorite taco “fixin’s,” wrap in a tortilla, and enjoy! (We love lettuce, cheese, salsa, guacamole, black beans, and sour cream.)

fixins 2

It’s so simple, go ahead and make extra for leftovers! Then, tomorrow night you can put it over chips for Easy Chicken Nachos or on a bed of lettuce for yummy Chicken Taco Salad!

For all my fellow Mexican-food lovers out there, you’re welcome! 🙂

**Food Allergy Info: This recipe is easily adaptable for those with food allergies. For gluten-free diets, use corn tortillas, and be sure to check taco seasonings for wheat and soy allergy sufferers.

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11 thoughts on ““Gringo” Chicken Tacos in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Mexican is my family’s favorite food, too! We could eat some version of it just about every day! Thankfully, Vince loves it, too, maybe even more than I do (which is hard to imagine). So glad your hubby has come along for your food cravings;)

  2. We love Mexican food at our house too! Thankfully, hubby enjoys it just as much as the rest of us. 🙂
    Also, wheat allergy people need to check taco seasoning. We make our own.

  3. We love slow-cooked chicken for tacos. I remember the first time I tried it, too, and wondered why I had been slaving in the kitchen to make the chicken for tacos. I never thought about adding the peppers to the meat, though. We’ll have to try that.

  4. Hello from Yes, I am THAT kind of mom blog hop. My hubby caters so he enjoys all kinds of food. Me on the other hand can take or leave Mexican but this looks yummy and something that I can quickly whip together for the kids. Thanks for sharing.

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